WordPress 3.8 “Parker” is Out!

Just upgraded to WordPress 3.8! Wow, admin is much more responsive. Quicker, cleaner and just overall faster. Should make for a great web mastering experience for most. The new 2014 theme is also out. Will be experimenting with it very soon to see how it works. Will also be playing with this update via Multi-site. Should go well as the wordpress team always does a great job.  Here are the details on WordPress 3.8 “Parker”.



Locking your computer… is it even needed anymore?

FedSoc Blog.

Wow. So, if you can’t be compelled to turn over a password, passphrase or combination for a safe, it seems to me to be the same for a computer… sheesh, this is something to watch.

“And in this case, if you have encrypted files, is that like a safe? You can be compelled, according to Supreme Court precedent, to turn over the key to a safe. But you can’t be compelled to turn over the pass phrase or, that is, the combination to the safe. So what’s it more similar to? And this is what courts will wrestle with.”

Latest Updates to this site on 6/26/2011

Ok, folks as you might notice on some of my clients’ sites I am a big fan of using jquery / ajax for rendering galleries of images. This is SUPER important nowadays so as to make them work on the all important APPLE DEVICES. If you are still using FLASH, then you need to work TWICE as hard to then create something that will render something close to your Flash creation for all of the iOS devices. SHEESH! Why do double the work! Just stop using Flash! Learn jquery to be able to do this! Ok so this is what I did on the home page. I wanted to add an OBVIOUS place for potential clients to see my portfolio… SO as I was considering adding this script, I realized that the site was too narrow… SO, I started adjusting the CSS first to see how wide the background element needed to expand, once I knew my measurements, I then just widened the swoopy gray area in photoshop to cover the width of the main element. The CSS across ALL of the pages took a bit longer AS USUAL! As there are always margins and padding here and there that you realize that don’t QUITE look right that you want to improve. Plus I added my favorites from CSS3: border-radius and box-shadow to a few of the elements like in the menu, and on the blog listing pages. Once all of that was done, I then started figuring out the sizing needed for the portfolio area on the home page. This turned out to be easier than I thought as I used a STRETCHY width element for the jquery. In this case I “cheated” with an iFrame, but it really doesn’t matter as there is no real text in this element anyway. The last thing I added was a absolutely positioned search tool in the upper left corner with a jquery live search element that I had used before. Anyways, I always love using this wordpress framework as it makes tweaking so fast and easy. All of the above only took a few hours of work this weekend.

CSS3 Animations now work in FireFox 5!

Read up more on the CSS3 animations on this page for FireFox 5.0! If you are viewing this page on Firefox 5.0 or Safari 4+ or the latest Chrome and I BELIEVE in Internet Explorer 9.0, then you’ll see the below animation effect…

Animation effect here.