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“Angry Birds” Headed to PSP & PS3

I love this game. EXTREMELY ADDICTING on iPod Touch and on the iPad. I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME DAILY to get my fix, improve my score, KILL THOSE FILTHY PIGS! 😀 And NOW, even MORE people can start being addicted to Angry Birds like me! Some of the levels seem completely impossible to get 3 stars on, hell even 2 stars on. I will add more notes online here and see if anybody can help cause I just can’t figure them out.

“Angry Birds” Headed to PSP & PS3 This Week.

Access 2 Gmail accounts at once

This might be helpful but I don’t know if I’ll ever remember to do it this way… We’ll see.

Now, you can visit and click the link next to “Multiple sign-in.” After you sign into your first account, you can sign in with up to two additional accounts from the new accounts menu in the upper right hand corner of Gmail, then easily toggle back and forth between them. You can even open multiple Gmail tabs — one for each of your accounts.

via Access two Gmail accounts at once in the same browser – Official Gmail Blog.


Who doesn’t love the old Spiderman animated series from the early 70s!?! Check it all done completely in CSS3!  Here is the article on how he did it!  And the link below is the animation!