Welcome to Zen Web Development

Welcome to Zen Web Development. Are you looking for a new ecommerce site? Or in getting a regular old wordpress blog like this one up and running quickly with all of the latest bells and whistles?? Or something a bit more custom? Or are you just looking for some help navigating the rough terrain of setting up your website and you just want to ask some questions from an internet consultant? Or do you have a website you want to revamp? Or maybe you already HAVE a website and you are dissatisfied with the internet marketing from another company and you want to really get some help. Some of this is treacherous and I’d hate to see you go down the wrong path and waste a lot of money! It could even be that we can’t help you. Or what you need is too simple and we’d point you to a simpler solution. Having someone to ask the questions can really help with your online journey.


And yes, I do a LOT of work in wordpress. I know the code like the back of my hand… from woocommerce to seo plugins to child themes to responsive fixes in the CSS/JS across all browsers and devices.

Let us know. We’re real people with real information and real experience online. Made in AMERICA ALWAYS! Your crew at Zen Web Development.